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Your one stop solution for statutory compliance advice and services

Compliance Management Expertise

CAC is an organization led by legal professionals with decades of experience in the area of Compliance Management and Information Systems.

We have been providing services to our clients in the areas of Compliance Management, Legal Advisory, and Corporate Governance.

CAC’s unique combination of statutory compliance management and information systems expertise enables us to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients.

We are powered by a team of legal professionals, IT professionals, subject matter experts and customer relationship management staff.

Value Proposition

Matchless Competence

Total Commitment

Flawless Execution

Operational Excellence

Supported by Technology and Technical Support

SaaS solution to deliver our services

  • Compliance task management

  • Role based access

  • Dashboards and analytics

  • Reports and alerts

  • Outstanding customer support

what makes us different

The values we live by


Continuous innovation at UXL solves complex problems, increases efficiency and drives improvement.

Integrity & trust

Our customers remain with us for years due to the integrity and trust that we build at every stage of our relationships.

Customer First !

Your needs, preferences and satisfaction are first always and every time.


We monitor our customer satisfaction metrics and software engineering process metrics to remain competitive.

Going the extra mile

Producing value beyond what you expect is our norm. Miracles take a little time !


Collaboration is central to our management and execution strategy. Collaboration with all stakeholders, internal and external.