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Commitment, Determine Scope, Define Compliance Policy, Define Roles and Responsibilities, Obligations and Risks.


Support implementation, Enable Competence, Awareness, Controls, Procedures, Documentation.


Internal Audit, Monitoring and Measurement, Raising Concerns, Management Review.


Manage Non Compliance, Periodic Reviews and Updates, Training, Continual Improvement.


Compliance management can be a daunting task. We will break it down to the basics and make it easier for your employees and organization.

Our team will engage with all stakeholders to develop the right policies and procedures.


We will implement the policies defined for your organization by collaborating with your compliance team.

Our expertise and experience will help you focus on the growth of your business while we take care of your technology needs.


Our team of experts in Compliance and Data Science can help you gain valuable insights into your compliance processes using our monitoring and auditing tools.

We will obtain, explore, model and interpret data related to the conduct of your compliance teams to give you the right insights into the standards of compliance in your organization.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be integrated to help you make better decisions.


Continual Improvement is the only option. Our team will integrate the challenges of new and changing regulations with monitoring, auditing and improving existing policies and procedures.

Enabling organizations to remain compliant requires a team of competent professionals with vast experience. This is the hallmark of the CAC team.

CGuru SaaS Technology Solution - By Our Technology Partner

The CGuru Technology Solution is Software as a Service that is a combination of Domain Expertise, Application Development excellence, Data Science with CRM support.

Dynamic To Do Lists

You will always know what needs your attention.

Dynamic Dashboards

Quick overview of your tasks - always up to date.

Real time updates

We make sure you have the latest information.

Monitoring and Guidance

We are constantly monitoring your progress and available for advice.

Reporting and Insights

Flexible reporting to give you the inforamtion you need.

Automatic Alerts

Our system pushes reminders and alerts to you.

Data Science - ML - AI

We giive you the best insights into your compliance journey.

Customer Relationship

Flawless customer services powered by Salesforce CRM.